Why Are Prada Sunglasses So Expensive?

Published: 22nd February 2010
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When considering the purchase of a new pair of Prada sunglasses, many consumers can't help but experience a little bit of sticker shock. Still, even the most frugal shoppers admit that you do sometimes get what you pay for. With Prada, what you get is an image that you simply can't put a price tag on. For some it's worth a few extra dollars to be ahead of the curve in terms of style and elegance.

It's Prada

To put it simply, Prada sunglasses are expensive because... they're Prada of course. There are some brands that are so ingrained in our culture that their name alone increases their value. Rolls Royce does it for cars. Harley Davidson does it for motorcycles. In the design world, any accessory that carries the Prada logo is going to be more costly. This is based on the company's stellar reputation and nothing else. While some may scoff at this idea others realize that Prada has a reputation for a reason.


One of the great things about purchasing Prada sunglasses is the fact that you will be joining an exclusive club. Unlike some other brands, you won't see Prada wearers on every street corner. Prada, like any premium brand, is more exclusive than its lesser valued counterparts simply because they are made in lower volume. They are also rarely discounted. This keeps them in the hands of only those who are interested in quality and style, not value. Let's be honest, if everyone could purchase a pair of real Prada sunglasses for cheap, everyone would have a pair. That's not what this brand is about.

It's worth it

Rich, poor, or middle class, everyone likes a bargain. However, as we said before, sometimes you get what you pay for. That's the important thing to keep in mind when buying Prada sunglasses. Knowing that you are wearing a premium brand, you can be confident that you are going to look and feel good. If these are important to you then the extra money is worth it. Simply put, how can you put a price on feeling good? You'll also know that you are buying a product that is instantly in style. There's no worry about looking cool in Prada. For this brand there's no such thing as out of style. Prada determines what's in style or not.

In closing, there's no doubt that Prada sunglasses are a little pricier than some other name brands. However, there's also no doubt that Prada has been one of the premier design brands for decades. The difference is with Prada you know that you are getting something that is not just trendy but an actual trend setter. Is all of this worth it? That's a question only you can decide. But before you do so, it may be a good idea to add up the price of all the pairs of sunglasses you've discarded and wonder if the money would've been better spent on one pair of Prada's.

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